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To abort,
Anti-Terrorism Act,
Terrorist and disruptive activities,
Essential Services Act,
Industrial Act, 1951,
Companies Act, 1956,
Copyright Act 1 9 57,
Dowry Prohibition Act, 1 9 61,
Police Act 1861,
Indian Evidence Act, 1872,
Land Acquisition Act, 18 9 4,
National Investigation Agency Bill,
National Highways Act,
Public Service Guarantee Act 2010
Foreign trade in 1992,
Foreign Exchange Management 1999
Foreign Exchange Regulations,
Foreign Exchange Regulation,
Urban Land Ceiling Act,
Revised Consumer Protection, 2002
Limited Liability Partnership 2008
Information Technology In 2000, the Environment (Protection) 1986;
Indian Forest 1927
Wildlife Protection Act, 1972,
Section -120 A and 120-B (Shared plot)
Conspiracy to commit an offense punishable under Section 121,
Section 122 (arms up), section 123 (nuclear)
Section 124 A (diffuse hatred written words)
Section 125 (marriage is illegal),
Section 126 (interpreters, etc., apply), Section 127 (pay maintenance),
Section 128 (relief from life imprisonment)
Section 130 (to help the prisoner escape)
Section 131 (duty to deviate from), section 132 (inciting to mutiny)
Section 133 (abetment of assault)
Section 135 (abetment of abandonment), section 147 (rioting),
Marriage laws, child marriage laws, adoption, maintenance,
Succession Act, section 302 (murder charge)
Section 299 is the definition of human slaughter,
Section 153 A (due to religion or race Stutra)
Section 167 (counterfeit documents)
Section 169 (a property purchased Binkanuni)
Article 171 F (to hold the elections false name),
Article 171 G (false statement in relation to choice)
Section 171 (election costs to negligence)
Section 201 (criminal penalty save),
Section 203 (relating to crimes give false information),
Section 204 (to destroy documents or records),
Section 207 (false on property rights),
Section 209 (dishonestly false claims court),
Section 231 (counterfeit coins), Section 233 (counterfeit coins) instrument,
Section 258 (sale of counterfeit government stamp), section 265 (fraud in weight),
Section 275 (sold adulterated drugs)
Section 276 (different from the original drug, the drug is sold)
Section 277 (public reservoir to contaminate)
Section 286 (in the case of explosives),
Section 287 (with respect to device),
Section 298 (religious sentiments), domestic violence,
Women's rights, divorce petition,
Rights associated with live-in relationship, check the sex of the baby,
Section 376 (b) IPC, IPC sections 376 c,
D IPC Section 376, Indian Penal Code Section 377,
Other laws relating to sexual offenses, kidnapping law,
Abduction law, Section 366 IPC, trafficked,
Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1956,
Section 366 of the Indian Penal Code, Section 366 B of Indian Penal Code,
Section 372 of Indian Penal Code, Section 373 of Indian Penal Code,
Flirting on the law, pornographic pose, gesture or song,
The law on indecent exposure of a woman,
Laws on sexual harassment at the workplace,
Women's equality with men, Section 208 (a debt),
Section 211 (false guilt)
Section 212 (person to avoid legal punishment),
Section 213 (punishment for saving gifts),
Section 214 (criminal saving), section 216 (criminal, no refuge)
Section 216 A (Dkato shelter)
Section 219 (knowingly contrary to the law),
Section 221 (criminal John Booz misfire)
Section 227 (of the terms of pardon Ulgn)
Section 224 (a legal arrest opposed)
Section 230 (interpretation of the coin)
Section 235 (Janbujkr counterfeit coins),
Section 255 (forged official seal made)
Section 258 (sale of counterfeit government stamp),
Section 272 (food contamination)
Section 304 b (dowry death cause)
Section 304 A (death by negligence of someone),
Section 305 (abetment of suicide),
Section 307 (attempt to murder), Section 308 (culpable homicide)
Section 309 (attempt to commit suicide), section 311 (Tgai)
Section 313 (abortion without consent), Section 319 (simple injury),
Section 320 (serious injury), section 321 (voluntarily injury)
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