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Tentang ClearMeOut

Nikmati jutaan aplikasi Android, game, musik, film, TV, buku, majalah & yang terbaru lainnya. Kapan pun, di mana pun, di seluruh perangkat Anda.

(Very) Simple app to periodically clear the contents of a folder.

Created to help out a Reddit user with an issue they had.

Allows you to pick a folder that will get automatically cleared out on a schedule you decide.

Option to delete all folder contents (recursive delete) or just the files inside it leaving any sub-folders untouched.

You can even opt to leave all folders intact while still clearing out the files

Can currently set the schedule to either a certain time a day or every X minutes. (More choices to come)

Future plans to allow filtering by file extension and filename patterns.

NOTE: This app is still in early development so don't expect a Taj Mahal style experience.

There are still unimplemented features that I'll expand on over the next while.

If you have any bugs, tips or other input hit that contact link and let me know or just use the reviews if you're lazy.

Permissions explained -

READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: So the app can actually do something instead of just looking pretty*

WAKE_LOCK: Needed in case you choose to use a strict schedule and the device is asleep at the time

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Scheduled events get cleared on restart so this is to reset them if needed

* doesn't actually look pretty

This app is open source and released under the Apache 2.0 License (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0)

You can get at the source code here: https://github.com/indivisible-irl/ClearMeOut

Feel free to do whatever you like with it but don't come running to me if you accidentally delete all your files. This app doesn't try to use root permissions so your OS should be safe but that won't help if you choose to set your SD card's root as the target folder. I take no responsibility for either your or my stupidity.

As with all things you should really have backups of your important data anyway.

What? You don't? Go do that now!

This app makes use of vaal12's AndroidFileBrowser (https://github.com/vaal12/AndroidFileBrowser)

which is itself built upon MBurman's AndroidFileExplore (https://github.com/mburman/Android-File-Explore)

The icon comes from mysitemyway.com:


Thanks all for their content!

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Versi Terbaru

Permintaan ClearMeOut Update 0.3

Diunggah oleh

Princess Lipogpog

Perlu Android versi

Android 4.0+

Tampilkan Selengkapnya

Apa yang baru dalam versi terbaru 0.3

Last updated on Jan 21, 2016

+ Added choice to set schedule to repeat daily
+ Can now select folders directly
+ Option to leave folders intact when deleting recursively
+ Option to notify user (Toast) when a folder is cleared out.
+ Big improvements to Preferences screen functionality
+ Added a basic 'Help' dialog
+ Improvements to layouts and styles

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