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How to Reset the TikTok For You Page

Since its launch on the international market, TikTok rapidly gained popularity from all over the world. Though TikTok is so good at knowing what content people like and dislike, people's tastes keep changing every day...

By Lynda Sumner



    The For You Page is the first page you would see when you launch TikTok on your mobile phone. The system automatically recommends users content they are highly interested in. Sometimes, nevertheless, the TikTok For You Page is quite annoying as many people don't know how to refresh their For You Page on TikTok.

    Some people may turn to register a new account, however, it's not the best option. If you shut down your old account and create a new one, all short-form videos you saved and other data you stored in your old account will lose forever. Now, I'd like to share with you some useful tips to reset you TikTok For You Page.

    Go to the 'settings and privacy' to clear cache.

    To reset TikTok's algorithm, clearing cache would be the first choice of most of the common people. In fact, cache is one of the main factors TikTok considers recommending content to its users. After clearing catch, users would easily find that their For You feeds change quite a lot.

    1. Launch TikTok app on your mobile, tap on the profile button at the bottom on the screen.

    2. Press the menu icon button at the upper right corner.

    3. Get into the Settings and privacy page, select Free up space from the list and tap it.

    4. Hit Clear buttons on the right, then the app cache, web cache or content cache will be deleted entirely from your Android.

    Tell TikTok what you don't like

    Clearing cache is the first step to refresh your For You Page only. Even if you delete all data storaged on your phone, videos you dislike may keep disturbing you when you scroll down the screen. So if videos you don't like come out, remeber to 'dislike' it.

    1. Turn into the For You Page from the homescreen.

    2. Tap on the screen, hold for a while, then there will be a list pop up.

    3. Select Not interested and that's it.

    Unfollow accounts

    TikTok For You Page would show you the content updated recently of the accounts you followed automatically. Therefore, it's encessary to unfollow all accounts you are not interested in anymore.

    1. From the profile page, tap Following button under your avatar.

    2. Hit the Following button to unfollow the account you choose.

    There are still many other factors that TikTok considers, for example, how long you watched a video or what videos you shared with your friends, etc. Above are just a few tips of refreshing your For You Page, there are still more you can find online. If you like this article, please keep an eye on us, you will find more similar ones on APKPure.

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