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How to Download TikTok Videos without Watermark in 2024

If you always end up with watermarks left when you download a TikTok video, you may want to read this article to learn some easy ways of removing watermarks.

By Dorothy Morgan



    There are multiple ways to download videos from TikTok without watermarks. One is to save short videos into live photos. It may be a good way to go, however, animated photos unlike videos, are sometimes not convenient to save and share. Another way is to download a video first and then remove the watermark in a video editor. It may work when you download one or two videos, but what if there are too many of them? Clearly, this is not an efficient way for those who want to download a large amount of TikTok videos at one time.

    Sometimes, video editors with premium watermarks-removing features may not work very well, and there are so many steps to do when users edit the video themselves. To be honest, it can be a time-consuming job, and you have to pay for the premium option. If you are on the hunt for an easy way to remove watermarks from videos you downloaded from TikTok, you may not want to miss out the two free watermark removers. The two must-have watermark remover apps we'll introduce to you today are SnapTik and SSSTikTok.

    How to Download Videos on Tiktok without Watermark

    Do you want to download TikTok videos posted by others without watermarks and save them in original or even better quality? We've figured out two easy-to-use TikTok downloaders to help you get rid of watermarks. Here are two free TikTok downloaders we'd like to recommend to you: SnapTik and SSSTikTok.

    1. SnapTik

    SnapTik is an easy-to-use third-party video editing tool. It allows TikTok users to download and save short HD videos from TikTok without watermarks. And it's completely free.

    2. SSSTikTok

    SSSTikTok, another very popular TikTok downloader, is also a good option to choose when you want to download videos directly from TikTok with no annoying watermarks. Plus, it's totally free to use with no premium features and in-app purchases.

    How to Download Snaptik And SSSTikTok

    Method 1: APKPure

    Our product APKPure offers you free and safe download links for Snaptik and SSSTikTok.

    Step 1: Access APKPure's official website, search for the app name, and the app icon will appear at the top of the app list.

    Step 2: Choose the download button under the app icon.

    Step 3: Then APKPure will add the targeted apk file to the download list and start the download progress.

    Method 2: Google Play

    You can also download SSSTikTok from Google Play Store.

    • Make sure you've toggled on the "Unknown Sources" option if this is your first time downloading apps from APKPure.
    • You can also click here to get more details about how to download apk or xapk files on Android.

    When the download progress is finished, follow the simple instructions shown on your phone screen to install SnapTik or SSSTikTok.

    How to Use Snaptik And SSSTikTok

    It's super easy to use Snaptik and SSSTikTok - Discover your favorite video on TikTok, paste the video link to Snaptik and SSSTikTok and choose download. Then you'll see your video downloaded and saved in high quality within seconds. Here are some detailed steps on how to get a non-watermarked video from Snaptik and SSS TikTok.

    Step 1: Search for a video you like

    First, launch TikTok on your Android phone. Get to the video collector and play it on TikTok.

    Step 2: Copy the video link

    Select the "Share to" button and then press on the "Copy link."

    Step 3: Paste the link to download

    Open SnapTik or SSSTikTok on your phone. Paste the video link you've just copied from TikTok and fill it into the blank field shown on the screen.

    That's all for the detailed steps. Now, you can enjoy your beloved TikTok videos with no watermarks.

    Note: Be careful when you use the original TikTok videos without watermarks if it's for the commercial use. As the watermark offers a kind of protection to the works uploaded to TikTok, you'd better not share or upload these videos without the permission of the creators.

    How to Download Videos from TikTok

    Follow the simple steps to download TikTok videos on your smartphone.

    Step 1: Launch TikTok on your phone. Search for a video you like.

    Step 2: Tap on the share button at the bottom of the page.

    Step 3: Select the "Save video" button in the second row to download and save it in your phone storage.

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