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Making the choices for your home projector.

You've already gone through the decision to set-up a home theater. You have the room designed to suit your needs and you've settled on a source for a HD source. Still, it does go through your mind on what might be your best choice for a home projector. The choices are between a LCD projector and a DLP projector, and possibly on how best to situate it.

Hopefully this article will provide you with a few ideas to assist in your decision.

What is High Definition?

Briefly, 720 pixels per square inch is the minimum resolution to be considered high definition (480 is the number for standard resolution). Projectors (and TVs) that are below that 720 pixel mark (but above 480) are best described as "enhanced definition" and should only be considered good enough for watching DVDs or standard definition (free to air) TV.

The choices available for a HD type projector would be those that produce 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. The "I" and "p" stand for the scanning system (interlaced or progressive). Progressive scanning is the more advanced of the two, so a 720p projector would be as good as a 1080i projector.

Home projector placement

You might have already settled on where you will have your projector unit installed. It might be connected to a wall/ceiling mount, or perhaps set on a coffee table (just bringing it out when you want to use it). Now the fun begins in making the adjustments so that projected image is properly aligned with the viewing surface.

Keystone correction is typically used to make the adjustments for your projector. This function allows for your unit to be placed vertically or horizontally off from dead center of the screen. Some projectors do offer automatic keystone correction, but manual might be more to your liking. There is some degrading of the image at the edges in using keystone correction but it's not really that noticeable.

If your budget will afford it, perhaps you should look into a home projector that makes use of lens shift correction. This is a more reliable way to make the adjustments for where you place the unit, and the image doesn't suffer from the edge degradation that you might experience with keystone correction.

It is hoped that this information can be of help to you in making your decision on what to look for in a home projector to fit your home theater needs.

The prices for home theater systems have dropped dramatically in the last few years. These days, one can get a full home theater system for less than 2000 dollars and perhaps for a mini home theater system for less than a thousand dollars. The increase of production of home theatre equipment such as the flat screen panels, speakers, and subwoofers have been beneficial to us the consumers. What cost us an arm and a leg five years ago, now cost a few fingers. Basically, just like the cost of personal computers has gone down over the years, the same can be said for the cost of most audio and video equipment. The other reason for that the integration of stronger microprocessor chips enabled many applications to be run in one smaller and faster unit. In short, we now use less space to do more things. This has resulted in slimmer yet stronger speakers, wireless speakers, integration of other media such as the internet, mp3 technology, and HDTV all in one home theatre system.

For first timers, here are some things to consider in your first home theater design:

1. Check out your available space for your home theater. One does not necessarily have to have one room just for your home theater. You may even set up your home theater in your bedroom, or even in a small study room. There are home theatre system designed for such spaces and perhaps some research on the internet can help you get some ideas or visit a blog site and ask a question. More often than not, someone will respond to your query.

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