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The description of Henna Art

Mix the dough henna paste bother easy, here are some tips and tricks to mix henna:
Determining the size of the lime juice right for a mixture of henna is very difficult, because the henna plant grows in different regions.
Depending on the location, the weather, and when the henna leaves in petiknya.
Size lemon juice / lemon used can vary for the same henna recipe.
Combine lemon juice / lemon prior to the henna powder. Let stand for 8 hours. Then continue to pour water sedikit2 solution of sugar or honey. Fermented back.
Henna paste texture of the dough should be smooth and creamy like yogurt. If too much lime juice or sugar solution is used, the pasta can be too liquid and It is difficult to make a good design.
If the dough is too thick pasta can be hard to squeeze out of aplicator / cone.
We repeat henna practical ways to make the dough:
First henna powder meal 2sendok add 20ml lemon juice, stir well, then add another 1/4 teaspoon sugar solution / honey, mix again until the dough in consistency can desideratum. Fermented for it for at least 12 hours.
Having obtained paste with the consistency desired, fill into aplicator (could bottle or cone)
Henna powder sensitive to light and heat, because it is an organic product without additional pegawet. Store henna powder diwadah mouth sealed, airtight, keep it in a cool, dark place, keep it away from light
Basically mix henna powder (henna powder) into the henna paste is not difficult, but it is not easy anyway. It takes patience and diligence to be able to get the right blend, because there is no definite dose. His lunch science alias estimates approximated only. How come? Because each henna powder has karakeristik different, could be due to several factors such as year of harvest, rainfall, climate, growing area and much more. Although different, meraciknya same way, only the proportion who may be a little different and can be adjusted.

Materials needed are not difficult, among others:

1. Henna Powder
Surely in a state of fresh or fresh, identical to the color green or greenish. Some yellowish green henna powder, henna is still fresh and would smelled like spinach (be careful if you want to kiss, do not get too close to the nose if you do not want to be inhaled .... not dangerous, but enough to make you sneeze, hehe. ....). Almost missed, make sure your henna powder as fine as talcum powder, if still rough you can filter it first using a tea strainer or filter anything that has a very small hole.
2. Orange Lemon or Lime
Any water taken, by way of squeezed and filtered, so the grain does not go in and mixed when dispensing because it can cause clogged cone. If you can not get a lemon or lime, can be changed using the tea or coffee water.
3. Essential Oil
Essential Oil can be used to mix the henna paste is Cajuput, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon. Why use essential oil? Because Essential oil contains terpinol that can help henna to produce a dark color (dark stain), and make your henna dough becomes soft.
4. bowls
5. Spoon
Can a wooden spoon or stainless steel spoon.

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