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*** How To Eliminate Your "Honey Do" List Once And For All! ***

Dear Reader,

It was one of those hot, sultry days in mid-August. The air was so humid each breath felt like a warm drink of water. Suddenly, a piercing scream interrupted the buzz of the fly that I felt too tired to swat.

Mopping the sweat off my brow, and with a deep sigh, I managed to maneuver my eight and a half month pregnant, tank like frame out of the chair and negotiate down the hallway. Mommy! Mommy!

The two year old had just flushed his "Sponge Bob Square Pants" action figure down the toilet. Rather than regurgitating the plastic figure, the porcelin monster was spewing forth like Old Faithful. If something wasn't done soon, our neighborhood would be offering beach front property in the middle of the desert!

Where was my hero? Where was that knight in shining armor who promised to love, honor, cherish and repair all things broken til death do us part?

He's where any other red-blooded man was on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. . .braving the wilds 50 miles away on some stupid boat trying to catch a stupid fish!

Hi Ladies,

Can you relate? Maybe you've "been there and done that?" Whether it's painting or plumbing chances are you've had a similar experience.

If your "honey do" list is longer than a jumbo sized roll of toilet paper, you need help. If you wait for Prince Charming your kids will be in college before he gets "a round tuit."

Never again do you need to be intimidated by a power tool.

Never again do you need to ask which end of a screw driver does the job.

Never again do you need to give up, call a repairman and write a check equal to the national debt!

End your frustration, save your marriage and gain a whole lot of self-respect in the process.

In just minutes you can take control and learn:

* How to clear a blocked showerhead
* How to use a power drill
* How to unclog a sprinkler system
* How to load a staple gun
* How to replace a light switch
* How to use a wrench
* How to fix a toilet leak
* How to repair a table or chair
* How to caulk a bathtub
* How to fix a sticky drawer
* and so much more

You CAN do this. I promise. It's not that difficult, men just want you to "think" it is. It's a power thing. . .kind of like who has control of the remote control for the television set.

End your frustration, save a ton of money on simple repairs and get it done when YOU want. Handywoman's Home Repairs is just what the doctor ordered.

And maybe. . .just maybe. . .Prince Charming will take you to dinner with all the money you've saved!

We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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