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Pokémon Duel is a strategy game based on classic Pokémon battle mechanics, but it’s also quite different from the conventions established by previous games in the franchise. Duels are played on boards like this, and Pokémon are represented by figures instead of actual monsters.
The goal of each match is to use your party of six figures to reach the lit opponent entry point at the end of the board. Each figure has Move Points (MP) that dictate how many spaces it can move per turn. Tapping on the figure reveals how much MP it has.
When two opposing Pokémon cross paths on the field they’ll enter battle. The moves used and their effectiveness are determined by a random spin. Generally, the player that spins the lower number loses. Unlike the mainline games, type has no impact. Any Pokémon lost in battle are sent to the Pokémon Center. Only two can be there at once, so the longest penalized one gets revived first. After being revived, the hurt Pokémon can’t be used for one turn.
In battle, you can also use cards called Plates. They offer limited buffs that must be recharged after use. Possible advantages include the ability to switch figure positions or an attack power increase.
Battle Specifics: Want to know how your battle roulette wheel works? Just follow these rules!

White attacks: standard and dictated purely by number
Red attacks: A miss
Blue attacks: Dodge an opponent’s move
Purple attacks: These are better than your white attacks and can inflict damaging status effects
Gold attacks: These overcome Blue and Purple attacks

Here’s a recap of how the spin scenarios play out:

White v White: Highest number wins
White v Gold/Gold v Gold: Highest number wins
White v Purple: Purple wins
White v Red/Gold v Red: White/Gold win
Blue v White/Red/Blue: No effect
Blue v Gold: Gold wins
Purple v Red: Purple wins
Purple v Gold: Gold wins

Status Conditions: I mentioned that Purple moves cause status conditions, here’s a list of them and what they do.

Poison: Move damage -20 / Badly poisoned -40
Confusion: The spun move changes in combat
Paralysis: Turns one viable attack into a miss
Sleep: Can’t move or attack. Wakes up via a plate or if you place a figure near it
Frozen: Basically the same as Sleep

Surrounding: A key strategy to remember is that if you surround an opponent’s figure on all sides, you automatically knock that Pokémon out. Remember this when trying to take out a powerful figure.

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