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The description of Green Monster MCPE Addon (New!)

It can be ridden and controlled
No longer attacks players, only attacks if provoked
Health increased to 225 hearts
Added the Green Buster

The Green Monster Addon introduces two new mobs to Minecraft. The first and most known one is the Green Monster. He’s a fictional superhero with an extreme physical strength. The second mob is the Green Buster. He’s basically the enemy of the main monster and it’s actually quite exciting watching the two fight it out in a battle. Both of the mobs can be ridden and controlled (to some extent) by players.

The Green Monster:
Build a structure with four iron blocks as yo can seen on screenshot. Then place a pumpkin on top of the structure as a head to spawn him.

The Green Monster is a neutral mob which will only attack you if you provoke it. You can mount him and then ride it similarly to a horse. The Green Monster main purpose on this world is to defeat evil and this include hostile monsters. He is also hostile towards the Green Buster which is another mob this addon implements.

Long press on Green Monster and press Ride to mount him.

Spiders, zombies and any other hostile mobs can expect to get beaten up by the Green Monster! He’s merciless.

General Green Monster Features:
Replaces iron golem
Neutral toward players
Hostile towards the Green Buster and hostile mobs
Health: 225 hearts
He is very fast, but he gets even faster once he attacks
Attack damage: 15–21
Drops 1–3 diamonds, 2–5 emeralds and 1 nether star
Iron block and pumpkin retextured

Green Buster:
Most of the mobs in Minecraft have no chance against the Green Monster. However, there’s one exception and that is the Green Buster. It’s basically a robot which looks quite similar to Iron Hero. Players can ride the robot and use it for either just walking around, flying or to attack other monsters.

Long press on the Green Buster and press Ride to ride it

Use the Activate Flying Mode (attack mode: beams (fire charges)) item on the Green Buster to activate fly mode. Use the Activate Walking Mode (attack mode: melee, punches) item on the Green Buster to make it start walking again.

The Green Buster has been engineered to be able to fight the Hulk. It is its sole purpose in this world. Just remember to use the activation items as mentioned above or else it won’t do much. Also.. you might want to stay out of their fight — it gets very dangerous quickly!

General Green Buster Features:
Health: 225 hearts
Attack damage: 15 – 25
Hostile towards the Green Monster

Robot, stands still until commanded to something else (use Activation Items as described further up to make it walk or fly)

Activate Flying Mode (replaces coal item)
Shoots beams at his enemies
Activate Walking Mode (replaces redstone item)
Melee attack (punches)

This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
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