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Because we live in a world of duality, a tendency of the mind is to classify what is best and worst, less and more, good and bad, or beginning and end, etc., etc. On the spiritual platform, ‘it’s all good,’ so to speak. Loving God in all His forms, and not discounting others, is the basis for understanding the true equality or non-dualistic nature of God. Unless one has truly realized their eternal relationship with the Absolute, duality may creep in, especially if we have put forth the assumption that our understanding of divinity is higher than others.

‘God is One, Paths are Many’. In the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, Krishna says, “Everyone follows My path in all respects”.

Ganesh Gita is a dialogue between Lord Ganesh and King Varenya.
Varenya said, ‘In the world of birth and death many difficulties arise, and they are very hard to endure. Remover of obstacles, kindly show me the path to liberation now. How can there be bondage in the realization of You? Declare to me that teaching by which I will attain liberation, that yoga through which I will give up desire, anger and the fear of death.’
Brahma said, “After having listened to this speech, Gajanana kindly sat Varenya on a comfortable seat and placed his hand on his head. Then he began to teach him the Ganesha Gita, casting away all his doubts by presenting His universal form. As soon as he understood the essence of the Gita from Ganesha’s instruction and having transferred the kingdom to his ministers, he went to the forest. Filled with detachment, the accomplished King meditated on Gajanana, fixed on nothing else, and always preached the Gita. Just as water thrown into water stays only as water, so he came to consist of Him by meditating on Him.’

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