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Furry Cat Adventure Retro Platformer Arcade Game


Furry Cat was sitting in the living room chair
while watching television. It was then that dog came up and barked right in
Furry Cat Arcade Platformer's ear, scaring the cat out of his chair and right on top of the

With the television in hundreds of pieces, Furry Cat Arcade Platformer panics, trying to find a way
to keep this information from reaching the ears of his owner, Jon. In a rushed
effort to repair the television, Furry Cat Arcade Platformer and dog attempt to put a banged up
and broken television together. They did attempt to put something together, but
it was far from being a real television set.

Furry Cat Arcade Platformer realizes that he has spare parts from the television. He throws the
parts behind Jon's chair only for an electronic monster to form from and zap
Furry Cat Platformer into the television set, sealing the fat cat up until he can find a way

Now that Furry Cat Arcade Platformer is inside of the television set, he must navigate his way
through several classic movies until he is finally out and back in his living
room. This effort depends on you to control Furry Cat Arcade Platformer and bring him to safety.
Don't let him down.


1) Move left (LEFT ARROW)
2) Move right (RIGHT ARROW)
3) Duck | Look down (DOWN ARROW)
4) Enter a door | Look up (UP ARROW)
5) Swing your weapon (FIST BUTTON)
6) Throw your ammo (LIGHTNING BUTTON)
7) Pause the game (PAUSE BUTTON)


The following is a list of items you can collect throughout the game:

Hamburgers and Pizza - These give you more health. Your current amount of health
is displayed on a small television in the upper left corner of the screen. Your
health can reach no higher than 10.

Fish bones, crucifixes, skulls, bombs, tin cans, and small rockets - These are
your ammo that you can use to throw at enemies. The type of weapon you will be
using depends on the level you are on.

Furry Cat Head : Grab this for an extra life. The number of lives you have is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. You are allowed to have up to 9 lives at one time.

Pooky the bear : You can't grab this but you can touch it to make it spin. If you touch a Pooky, you will start from that point if you die later on in the level.

Mallet : Grab this to play a bonus round when the level is over.
Coffee Mug : This gives you temporary invincibility.
Remote control : Find and grab this to end the level you are on.

Have Fun !
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