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Acerca del Encrypt text with CryptMax


Cifrar mensajes de texto con una clave secreta y enviarlos a través de SMS o cualquier aplicación social.


A simple, minimalistic, user friendly app, that allows you to encrypt text¹ using a secret key² into a ciphertext and then send it via SMS, social apps or simply copy and paste it wherever you want. This app uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt text, so far the only working way of breaking AES without knowing the secret key is by brute force which can take up to a few billion years for a good password.

If you want to read an encrypted text message you should first know the secret key and the key length(128, 192 or 256), without knowing them you can't decrypt the ciphertext and read it.


The usage of this app is pretty straightforward, however two things are worth mentioning:

1. CHANGING THE KEY LENGTH is done by pressing the "AES-###" button at the top of the app, where ### is the bit length of the secret key, it can be set to 128, 192 or 256. Different key sizes encrypt text differently even with the same key.

2. PASTING TEXT³ can be done simply by long pressing the text field.

*You can encrypt text with this app multiple times using different secret key and key size.


1. The developer of this app distances himself from the contents of the encrypted messages made by its users. Using any kind encryption for criminal activity is illegal. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) also known as Rijndael developed by the Belgian cryptographers Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen is the most widely used symmetric-key encryption algorithm today and is available for free use in many apps.

2. In case of a published practical cryptographic "break" faster than a brute force against AES, the developer of this app must change the encryption algorythm within a week, however the developer will not be responsible for any previous encrypted messages that can be broken.

3. The developer of this app is not responsible if a ciphertext is somehow decrypted using the secret key (or the same bitstream) by an unwanted third party, the secret key can be uncovered in multiple ways for example using a malicious software (keylogger) or being leaked by one of the original users. So far the fastest method of breaking an AES ciphertext, having only the ciphertext, is a brute force attack, so using strong passwords is highly recommended.

NOTE_1: The text can be written in any language and in any alphabet that is widely used today, all Unicode/UTF-8 characters can be used.

NOTE_2: The key also accepts all Unicode/UTF-8 characters, the strength of the secret key is determined by its length and the variety of different characters that are being used.

NOTE_3: Pasting the ciphertext into the text field is the recommended way of inputting a ciphertext. Simply copy the text message from the SMS or any other app.

NOTE_4: Encrypt text with this app and enjoy safe communication with you friends and colleagues.

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Solicitar Encrypt text with CryptMax Actualización 1.2



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Yang Aung


Android 4.0.3+

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