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Aplicación de productividad, lector de PDF con texto a voz, tecnología de lectura en voz alta

Elo Audio is a personalized podcast for your team. Create a playlist of important documents, emails and articles that your team can LISTEN to instead of read. Everyone receives a notification when content is added and saves time by listening on the go.

Provide onboardings and training documents in accessible audio formats. Share a daily brief with your remote team - they can listen to new content with their daily coffee.

Listen to your work. Get more done.



Get started by create an account. Then, create a playlist and add content to it from your mobile phone or desktop. Listen to your content and share it with your team! When they see something interesting, they can add content too!

1) When you see a web article you want to save and listen to, use the share function to add it into elo audio.

2) Add articles, a PDF (elo audio also works as a PDF reader!) or Word documents from your desktop using our chrome extension which you can download from our website.

3) Forward your emails to add@eloaudio.com and they’ll magically appear in your elo audio library.

4) Find your favorite daily and weekly newsletters already in the app! Just choose the ones you want to listen to and a selection from each will appear in your library each day. Boost your productivity on your way to work!

5) Create playlists of your content and invite people to join. They can listen to everything on your playlist!



Share content to your app and let your colleague’s and network join your playlists.


Create playlists of all your favorite content, then listen to them on the go. Share playlists with colleagues or teammates. Everyone can learn together, on the go!


Choose between new and improved voices, powered by text-to-speech. Test them and change them depending on your mood, what you’re listening to and your productivity goals. You can also increase the speed of reading to read faster!


Elo audio is powered by multilingual text-to-speech. Add an article in any language and elo audio will read it out loud to you. You can learn French, learn Spanish, learn Japanese or learn English.


Become an expert on all the topics you need to get ahead at work and in life. Great for busy who need to share important content with their colleague and employees or professors who want to share content with their students. Great for the visually impaired or dyslexics who are looking for a PDF reader or a simple text-to-speech app.


Listen to everything you don't have time to read at work. Get away from your computer and listen on the go.



Free Plan with 200 minutes per month

14-Day Free Trial - Download elo audio and sign up for a free trial to get unlimited listening right away! Use it as a PDF reader, a document reader, or a simple text-to-speech app to listen to whatever you want.

Premium Monthly and Yearly Plans - After your 14-Day free trial, you will be converted to a monthly or yearly subscription where you will have access to all features.

For more information, please visit www.eloaudio.com


By using elo audio, you are helping us continue to develop a service that we hope will change people’s lives by giving them back time. We are constantly trying to improve the app to make it the best productivity app.

For any technical issues regarding the app or the text-to-speech, please email support@eloaudio.com

Terms of use: https://www.eloaudio.com/terms

Privacy Policy : https://www.eloaudio.com/privacy

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Last updated on 16/02/2022
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