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“Dragon” – amazing free live wallpaper with magnificent dragon, enveloped in flames in the night!

| Actual speed of animation depends on device characteristics.
| You may change animation speed in settings menu.

Dragon is one of the most famous mythological creatures!
As a rule, dragon is a winged snake, sometimes in combination with parts of the body of other animals.
Main features of dragon are the ability to fly, the presence of several heads or tails, fire breathing and intelligence.
Dragon is the embodiment of evil and violence.
Dragon combines parts of bodies of some real animals, mainly reptiles and birds.
The image of dragon unites the symbol of the upper world - birds - and the symbol of the lower world - snakes.
Snake, unlike the dragon, has no wings.
However, often words snake and dragon are used synonymously.
The winged dragon has six limbs - four legs, like a lizard, and two wings.
Dragon can move using four legs, like animal, and can practice a straight gait: walk on its hind legs, and grab prey with its front paws.
Paws of a dragon end with large and sharp claws.
Wings of a dragon are not similar to birds - they do not have feathers.
Wings of a dragon look like wings of bat.
The wingspan is truly gigantic.
It is believed that flying in the sky, wings cover the sun.
Dragon's tail is a powerful weapon!
The tail is long, strong, with thorns...
Scales of the dragon acts as armor.
After the birth of a dragon, the scales gradually harden, becoming a kind of chain mail.
Dragon can change color to become invisible against the background of the surrounding nature.
Most of dragons are fire-breathing.
To produce fire, dragon needs to eat people.
Fire can burn everything and even melt metal.
The teeth of a dragon are extremely sharp, and sometimes poisonous!
Bite can poison the enemy.
Teeth even after the death of a dragon retain magical properties!
The use of fantastic image of a dragon is associated with the aesthetic role of this symbol in art.
Mythological dragon symbolizes a test that you need to go through to get the treasure.
Also, the dragon means immortality, which can be obtained through the victory over the dragon.
The dragon is often associated with water.
It is believed that the dragon can both take water, causing drought, and bring an excess of water, causing floods and rains.
The motif of abduction girls by dragons is widespread.
This is due to the ceremony, during which the girl was sacrificed to the spirit of water.
The dragon requires himself a beautiful girl as a tribute.
In response, the dragon provides a good harvest.
Many dragon-like monsters have the gift of sharp sight except common affects.
Virtually all countries have legends about dragons.
It is often found the motive of the battle of the hero with the dragon for the release of a girl.
The dragon is the bearer of the diabolical beginning.
In the west, the killing of a dragon was of a religious nature.
Slavs heroes destroyed dragons to protect their homeland.
In Russian folk tales snake is mentioned instead of a dragon.
According to the legend, this snake lives in the mountains near the fiery river and watches over the bridge, through which people enter the realm of the dead.
In medieval alchemy the world substance – the primary matter – was designated by the ancient symbol in the form of a dragon biting itself.
Such symbol in the form of a ring speaks about the infinity of the world.
Dragon does not always symbolize evil.
Dragon can mean wisdom and power.
In particular, dragons were symbols of the gods that give life.
Dragon is a magical creature that is mentioned in many myths and legends...
Welcome to the world of the dragon!
This fantastic live wallpaper will make you hold your breath when watching mighty dragon!
Decorate your screen with a truly amazing monster and discover the world of miracles and magic!

Install "Dragon" free live wallpaper and enjoy magnificent spectacle!
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