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There's nothing better then coming home from work only to find that your dog has gotten into yours or your neighbors trash and has scattered garbage up and down the street. Or even better is finding your favorite lawn chair or a pair of sandals all chewed up in the backyard. And there is no worse feeling then finding out your dog got out and either ran away or ran out into the street only to get hit by a car.

If you do not have a fenced yard or your dog easily escapes from your backyard then it may be time to install that dog kennel fence. Putting one together is not hard and will go along ways towards keeping your four legged friend safe. In fact if you have a big tree in your backyard you can build your dog kennel around it, giving your dog shade during the hot summer months.

Fencing for a dog kennel can be bought at any home improvement or pet store and is relatively inexpensive. When you take the plunge and start planning your dog kennel you will need to lay out the perimeter in your yard. Take measurements to figure out how much fence will be needed. Dog kennel fence comes in rolls starting at 50 feet up to 100 feet. You will also need to decide how high you want your kennel fence to be. If you have a small dog that doesn't jump very high then a shorter fence will do. For bigger dogs 5 to 6 foot high fences are needed.

The other thing to think about when buying your material is how smart is your dog. There are dogs out there that can figure out how to climb a fence and get out of their yard or kennel. If this is something your dog has shown some ability to do you might consider a dog kennel fence with smaller holes or put a roof over the kennel. A dog kennel is of little use if your dog can easily get out.

The safety of your dog is the primary reason for building a dog kennel fence, but the peace of mind for you, his owner, knowing that he is safe when you are not home is also worth a lot.

If you are serious about rehoming an unwanted dog, please read the following before you bring your new dog home. It will save you a lot of money and distress if you take some simple precautions. You have done the right thing by choosing a shelter dog but you have to remember the dog doesn't know this. If its had a history of abuse or neglect or both you are going to have to prove yourself as a competent pack leader it can trust. This will take time and patience from you but it is well worth the effort.

Choose which rooms your dog will be allowed in and make sure all the family agree on this. It is OK to ban your dog from certain rooms if you are worried about dirty paw prints or any other mess. However, you will have to allow your dog in to at least one area of your home. This will help your dog settle quicker. If you leave it outside alone on its first night, it is more than likely to bark, howl and/or run away.

Make a bed for your dog from old towels or use an old one. Don't worry about buying it a new, expensive bed at the moment. It may soil its bed or rip up the bedding from stress. Place some toys, treats and other things you think the dog will like near its bed. Normally a dog won't soil in the area where it sleeps but stressed and unhealthy dogs may do so you might be better off letting it live in the laundry for a while.

Get a water bowl and food bowl ready. When your dog arrives home, give it some food but not a lot.

Be prepared, the dog may scratch at the door and damage it. It might try to get out or it may want to be closer to you. Fix thick cardboard to the door along the edge where it opens. This will have to be replaced and may make a mess at first but it will save the paintwork and you a lot of time and money.

A new dog may go to the toilet inside because it hasn't been trained properly or because it wants to leave its mark. There is information at regarding toilet training which will be useful. In particular, cleaning up the mess and not making the dog more anxious which may cause it to repeat the behaviour.

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