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LINE Rangers/Mushoku Tensei II Zeichen

8.8 77 Rezensionen

10.1.0 by LINE (LY Corporation)

Mar 28, 2024

Über LINE Rangers/Mushoku Tensei II


LINE Rangers/Mushoku Tensei II! Battle it out with Brown & Cony! Survive PVP!

Rudeus, Fitz, Nanahoshi, and more characters from the popular TV anime Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II have come to LINE Rangers as tie-up exclusive Rangers! Log in now, and you're guaranteed to get a Badigadi tie-up Ranger! Check out the limited-time tie-up events!

LINE Rangers/Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II tie-up now on! Ends 4/26!

In order to bring back Sally from the Alien army who took her, Brown, Cony, Moon, James, and all the other LINE characters transform into Rangers and set out on an adventure to rescue her!

More than 400 characters you know and love such as Brown and Cony appear in unique outfits!

Make your very own team and beat oncoming enemies with simple taps!

◆ Battle

Tap and dispatch Rangers such as Brown, Cony, Moon, and James from your Tower and reduce the enemy Tower to 0 HP to rescue Sally!

Make full use of Skills and Items by simply tapping them to get an advantage in battles!

This tower defense RPG game is easy to play, so anyone can join in and have fun!

◆ PVP Battle

LINE Rangers also has PVP! Battle with other players and rise to the top of various leagues!

Deploy your favorite Rangers in intense PVP battles!

Knowing the traits of your Rangers and mastering the timings to deploy them are the keys to victory in PVP!

Battle with players from around the world in this easy-to play fun PVP

◆ Ranger development

Level up your Rangers by using them in battles and combining them with other Rangers!

You can make your Rangers such as Brown and Cony more powerful by equipping them with Weapons, Armor, and Accessories!

Collect evolution materials and use them to get even stronger Ultimate and Hyper Evolved Rangers!

◆ Team play with LINE Friends

When you find yourself in a tough battle, summon your LINE Friends to help you out!

Also, join a guild with LINE Friends and you can have even more guild members help you out in a pinch!

Partake in guild raids with other guild members and go after all the guild perks!

You can have an even more fun time battling together with with friends!

◆ Event

A variety of IP tie-ups with super popular characters!

Time-limited stages and tie-up exclusive Rangers appear too!

These events will regularly appear in the future, too!

Once you start playing, you won't be able to stop! An engaging tower defense RPG LINE Game with simple controls!

Deploy now with Brown, Cony, Moon, James, and the rest!

Sally's waiting for you to rescue her!

You're sure to enjoy this game if...

- You enjoy LINE Games.

- You like LINE characters such as Brown, Sally, Cony, Moon, and James.

- You like tower defense RPG battles.

- You're looking for an easy-to-play fun game.

- You like PVP (player vs. player).

Have great battles in this fun and easy-to play tower defense RPG!

Please note:

- You may have difficulty playing the game if you have problematic Wi-Fi connectivity and/or issues with your network environment.

- Connecting via Wi-Fi is recommended.

Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 10.1.0

Last updated on Mar 28, 2024

LINE Rangers Ver. 10.1.0 Update
- Addition of new resource data

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LINE Rangers/Mushoku Tensei II Update anfordern 10.1.0

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Axel Bemergui

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Android 8.0+

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