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Coloring and drawing activities are the fruit of a child's learning and appreciation. Both work to help develop the intelligence of the child's brain, especially to train the right brain in the field of art. But both have different ends (outputs). If coloring produces a color creation while drawing produces a shape according to the child's imagination.

Coloring and drawing very well when introduced early by pre-school age children. But we must remember, do not ever forbid children to create imagination. Both in terms of coloring and in drawing. For example, when a child draws a box-shaped ball, do not be banned, scolded or dictated. Let the imagination grow on its own. We recommend rewarding first then explore why he chose that color and draw the shape. We will be amazed and amazed to hear it because their answer is a reflection of his imagination.

Let us consider a little understanding of Hijaiyah Letter:

The letter is the symbol of sound, the letter hijaiyah ie, Arabic alphabet which starts from ا (alif)
up to ي (yes).

Meaning of letters:
According to the language means, Eyes the edge of something, the tip.

According to the term means, the Voice is holding on to his Makhraj.

The letters hijaiyah contained in the Qur'an, according to the scholars' experts Tajwid there are 29 letters are:

From Husayn ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib. :

A Jew came to Prophet Muhammad SAW. At that time Amirul Mukminin Ali b. Abi Talib as with the Prophet.

The Jew said to the Prophet Muhammad: "what is the benefit of the hijaiyah?"
Rasulullah SAW then said to Ali bin Abi Talib, "Answer".
Then Rasulullah SAW prayed Ali, "O God, succeed Ali and silence the Jew".
Then Ali said: "There is not a single letter except all derived from the names of Allah swt". Then Ali said:

As for ا (Alif) means:
there is no god but He who is alive and stout.

As for ب (Ba) means:
persists after the destruction of all His creatures.

As for ت (Ta) means:
who is receptive to repentance, receives repentance from all his servants.

As for ث (Tsa) means:
who affirm all beings "He is the one who affirms the believers with a firm word in the life of the world.

As for ج (Jim) means:
the noble name and praise of Him and the holy all of His names.

As for ح (Ha) means:
Al Haq, Maha alive and compassionate.

As for خ (Kha) means:
knowing all the works of his servants.

As for د (Dal) means:
the recipient on the Day of Judgment.

As for ima (Dzal) means:
owner of all majesty and glory.

As for ر (Ra) means:
gentle toward His servants.

As for ذ (Zay) means:
ornaments of servitude.

As for س (Sin) means:
Hears and sees.

As for ش (Syin) means:
who is grateful to His servant.

As for ص (Shad) means:
True in every promise.

As for ض (Dhad) means:
which gives madharat and benefits.

As for ط (Tha) means:
The holy and sanctified.

As for ظ (Dzha) means:
The all-perfected and all-visible signs.

As for ع (Ayn) means:
Knowing His servants.

As for غ (Ghayn) means:
a place to expect the hope of all of His creations.

As for ف (Fa) means:
that grow grains and plants.

As for ق (Qaf) means:
All-powerful over all His creatures.

As for ك (Kaf) means:
the All-sufficient, none of which is equal to Him, as for him is childless and unbounded.

As for ل (Lam) means:
very gentle towards his servant.

As for م (Meme) means:
owner of all kingdoms.

As for ن (Nun) means:
light for the sky that comes from the light of its ares.

As for و (waw) means:
one, one, the place of dependence of all beings and not bears and begats.

As for ها (Ha) means:
Giving clues to His creatures.

As for لا (Lam alif) means:
there is no god but Allah, the only and no partner for Him.

As for ي (yes) means:
the hand of God open to all His creatures ".

The Messenger of Allah then said "This is the word of the one whom Allah has approved of all His creatures".

Hearing the explanation then the Jewish convert to Islam.
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