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Your Tarot New Live online tarot readers join now

1.4 for Android

Your Tarot New Live online tarot readers join now

Your Tarot app provides free daily Tarot card readings. Get free Tarot insights on love, money, spirituality, career & much more by choosing one or more Tarot cards.

Guidance by way of Tarot Reading is now at your fingertips.

Your Tarot app lets you connect to a professional Tarot reader to get a live explanation of your personal spread (coming soon!)

Your Tarot offers the possibility to send these personal spreads to a professional Tarot reader. To get a 1on 1 live explanation and answer to your questions.

The professional Tarot consultant will provide in-depth readings of your personal spread, no more guessing of your Tarot card meanings. The expert Tarot reader will guide you and answer your questions.

No matter the Tarot card spread, our professional Tarot card readers will provide a meaningful answer to your questions about love, spirituality, money, career, or any other topic in life!

Your Tarot app will help to get clarity about your present situation

Thanks to the information you are presented with, you will be able to make truly conscious choices and take full responsibility for your decisions.

Tarot cards are about mirroring your soul and inner values.

Trust your inner guides while you select your card!

Features of Your Tarot - Daily New Free Card Reading Meaning:

⚫️ Create free Tarot readings
⚫️ Send personal Tarot spreads to professional Tarot readers (coming soon!)
⚫️ Get professional 1on1 live explanation of your Tarot spread to answer your questions (coming soon!)
⚫️ Choose from 22 different tarot layouts
⚫️ Choose a pattern - to focus on the specific question you want the Tarot cards to answer
⚫️ Tarot card meanings and interpretations provided by experienced Tarot readers
⚫️ Trusted Tarot card readings and meanings

Tarot readings beyond your general Tarot explanation

Texts for the Tarot Cards are written by very experienced Tarot readers and go beyond a general Tarot explanation. With years of experience, the texts for Your Tarot were handcrafted and allow for meaningful Tarot card readings.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a game based on symbolism. The special images give indications via an indirect way. So you can't take the representations literally.

Everything you see 'stands for something.’ Some Tarot cards come across as somewhat threatening. Tarot cards could trigger a frightening reaction at first. For example, cards with 'death', 'the devil', with 'sickness and destruction'. Be aware, when this happens, that the images stand for something. The Tarot Cards first need to be translated to the correct meaning and then linked to your situation.

A correct interpretation of the cards requires a good understanding of symbolism, impeccable empathy and a lot of playing experience.

Tarot will give you the clarification and support that will help you in your way of life.

Where does Tarot come from?

Tarot is a card game that first appeared in Europe around the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It was mainly played among gypsies. Gypsies are travelling people who took the game with them from the countries where Tarot originated, such as Egypt, India, Spain, Italy and Eastern European countries.

Tarot is an ancient card game. A card game about life, which also carries age-old wisdom of life. The beautiful representations symbolize the so-called archetypes. These are images and behaviors stored in the collective consciousness of humanity. Or rather, in the unconscious part of the collective consciousness.

Initially, Tarot began as a fad in predicting the future and over the centuries, it has developed into an esoteric, philosophical and psychological system. Tarot consists of 78 cards covering all aspects of daily spiritual life.

In Tarot we find wisdom and answers to daily and meaningful questions of life.

You can use it every day and whenever you want. There's no limit to it!

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Android 5.0 compatibility

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