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1.3.11 by The Pokémon Company





Pokémon: Magikarp Jump takes place in Hoppy Town, where many Magikarp Jumping Leagues are training Magikarps and taking contest to see whose can jump the highest.The player can train one Magikarp at a time; when it is lost, reaches its maximum level and retires, or is forced to retire, the player must fish for a new Magikarp.

There are 19 kinds patterns of Magikarps in the game. The fished up Magikarps can be placed in the pond. The pond itself can be spruce up with all kinds of decorations. And the player can also share the collected Magikarps to his friends through the social networking sites. what’s more, the player can hold a match with his friends.

Besides Magikarps, the following famous Pokémon also appear in the game: Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Piplup, Charizard, Gyarados, Snorlax and Bulbasaur.

Characters in the game:
Player, Mayor Karp, Flop Hoppington, Roddy Tackle, Man of Mystery, Unnamed Ghost, Dr. Splash, Little Boy, Little Girl.
Game Patterns:

The pond is major part of the game. In this model, trainer can get the information of Magikarp’s level, jumping ability(CP) and experience value, and control Magikarp to eat.
In addition, there will be some special bounce in the pond when the level of Magikarp arise. 

In the town model, there are some shops, where you can buy goods by using gold coins or diamond, and a resource room for reviewing the life of Magikarp. With the progress of the game, the higher level of trainer, the more goods he can buy, including tools, food and content of special training

Special Training
In the special training mode, the trainer could use “training points” to level up the Magikarp and higher its jumping height. Besides, special training will be determined at random, mainly based on trainer owned special training content.
At the end of the special training, there will be occasional "incident" happens, these experienced events will be recorded on “event field guide” in the town's resource room.

In this game, there are eight leagues you can challenge, each challege will have many rounds, and in each round, the trainer will dispatch their own trained Magikarp to compete jumping with the opponent, jumping highest will win the game. As the winner, you can get the experience value and gold coins, and move forward the next round. In each league, there will be several "masters" in some rounds as trainer’s opponents, if trainer could beat those “masters”, he will be rewarded with some tools and diamonds. When all the rounds one league challenged are completed, he will dominate the Union, then besides the tools and diamonds, he will also get medals and qualification to challenge next leagues

    This wonderfully bizarre mobile game.

Each one of a player’s Magikarp comes with an Everstone attached. The item serves one purpose: stopping a Pokémon from evolving.
No self-respecting Pokémon trainer would ever give a Magikarp an Everstone in the normal Pokémon games. Magikarp Jump isn’t a normal Pokémon game. Players want their Magikarp to stay the way it is for as long as possible, so that it can become much better at jumping and beat all of the Magikarp jumping leagues.
But there is a way to evolve the Pokémon in this game nonetheless. Tapping repeatedly on a Magikarp while it’s swimming around in its tank will eventually break its Everstone. A notification will tip the player off that this has happened, at which point they should focus on leveling up Magikarp to 20.
Once it gets there, Magikarp has no choice but to evolve into Gyarados, a gigantic sea dragon who’s an awesome part of any team in a usual Pokémon game. In Magikarp Jump, evolving Magikarp into Gyarados is as good as throwing away a perfectly good Pokémon. As soon as it evolves, it immediately retires — no more jumping contests, no more training sessions.

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