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LivingTree connects everyone who helps raise, develop, and educate children.

App Features (all in one location!):
* Notifications - SMS texts, email notifications, mobile push notifications, you choose how to inform and engage your community members!
* Conversations – A live stream of messages and media posts from all the people helping raise our children….all in a single view! Join the conversation and feel the community connect.
* Shared Calendar – A shared calendar for families, groups, and organizations with volunteer sign up and management, reminders, and notifications….no more missed calls, e-mails, paper notices…it’s all right here!
* Photo Sharing & Archiving (Memories) – Photos and fun from all the people in your children’s life (your own paparazzi)! Pin these memories (and your own) to as many of your personal mixes as you like for the ultimate experience in chronicling and cherishing the milestones, interests, and moments you never want to forget.
* Direct Messaging – All the contacts associated with your children in a single place…no more searching rosters and websites or trying to remember names; connect seamlessly with LivingTree.

Why LivingTree?
LivingTree was built by parents for parents, to connect all the people who work together to raise and teach our kids in one safe place. We believe the journey of parenting is awesome – LivingTree’s patent pending architecture uniquely builds around each child / family unit allowing groups and organizations to snap into the communication flow seamlessly and where relevant….a single point of connection for families, classes, teams, groups, and organizations.

Who should use LivingTree?
* Parent engagement is the single biggest driver of student success from literacy to graduation. Schools, teachers, and parents should use LivingTree to build partnerships and positive relationships.
* Busy parents and caregivers who are looking for a tool to help organize, coordinate and share the most important moments of their children's lives.
* Teachers, coaches, or other youth leaders who dream of effectively engaging with their group's parents, from classroom sharing or game highlights, to parent sign-ups, schedules and volunteering.
* Organizations such as schools and leagues that desire a single platform to centralize all management and communication of schedules and updates with their staff and parent communities.

How does LivingTree help?
The LivingTree app is a companion to the web based LivingTree platform ( which delivers a single, safe place to manage, engage, and share in raising our children. Use this app to stay connected and get on the go updates.
* Managing – Spend less time coordinating. Automatic updates to shared calendars and activity awareness for everyone helping raise children…we’ll handle the notifications and reminders!
* Engaging – Raising children takes more than one person. We work to connect and create more transparency – instant alerts and notifications, live conversations, schedules, volunteering, conference sign-ups, snack parent duty, etc. - LivingTree creates a more aware and engaged community.
* Sharing – Special moments happen daily with children and students. LivingTree offers a private, safe and easy way to share those moments, and a beautiful way to remember them forever.


Minor enhancements and bug fixes
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LivingTree 4.9.3 for Android 4.1+ APK 下载

版本: 4.9.3 (57) for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

更新日期: 2018年09月21日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.9.3(57) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 48edd69edab26d44ca2a96ec6537e6f5a710a487

更新内容: Minor enhancements and bug fixes

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LivingTree 4.9.2 for Android 4.1+ APK 下载

版本: 4.9.2 (56) for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

更新日期: 2018年09月10日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.9.2(56) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 332389613acb94374b8565411167941c2a42c1e7

更新内容: Minor enhancements and bug fixes

下载 APK(6.2 MB)

LivingTree 4.9 for Android 4.1+ APK 下载

版本: 4.9 (54) for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

更新日期: 2018年07月17日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.9(54) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 7bbc8941efa281ccb3727f8be869e46888dc94fe

更新内容: -Improved initial on-boarding and installation experience -Support for 更多...

下载 APK(6.2 MB)

LivingTree 4.7 for Android 4.1+ APK 下载

版本: 4.7 (51) for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

更新日期: 2018年04月11日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.7(51) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 2d934ba2feceb17703d592e96859758096f3b954

更新内容: Introducing LivingTree Give functionality! You can now quickly and ea 更多...

下载 APK(6.0 MB)

LivingTree 4.6 for Android 4.1+ APK 下载

版本: 4.6 (50) for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

更新日期: 2017年12月21日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.6(50) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 8c16bbbf52e7612755ff0fca982091381b05fc87

更新内容: LivingTree is excited to announce video posts can now be made from the 更多...

下载 APK(5.4 MB)

LivingTree 4.4 for Android 4.1+ APK 下载

版本: 4.4 (48) for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

更新日期: 2017年09月12日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.4(48) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 6ab81fd044d7ef0cae4654a94fd753485fa5bbed

更新内容: -Added ability to search conversations -Added ability to view, accept, 更多...

下载 APK(4.4 MB)

LivingTree 4.3 for Android 4.1+ APK 下载

版本: 4.3 (47) for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

更新日期: 2017年08月20日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.3(47) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: bebd2a5a1516fd576a67c423ed1b622fade05a70

更新内容: -Ability to accept/decline invitations from within the application -Va 更多...

下载 APK(4.4 MB)

LivingTree 4.1 for Android 2.2+ APK 下载

版本: 4.1 (37) for Android 2.2+ (Froyo, API 8)

更新日期: 2016年02月23日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.1(37) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 845b67baef49cac2fb0a0d14340ee4795316af1a

更新内容: Added support for App access via Email notification link.

下载 APK(3.9 MB)

LivingTree 4.0 for Android 2.2+ APK 下载

版本: 4.0 (35) for Android 2.2+ (Froyo, API 8)

更新日期: 2015年11月16日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 4.0(35) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: f0da9dafeb53dc1d29398ecb5f8976611dcaae25

更新内容: Version 4.0 App adds new user interface and SMS Alert support.

下载 APK(3.9 MB)

LivingTree 3.0 for Android 2.2+ APK 下载

版本: 3.0 (21) for Android 2.2+ (Froyo, API 8)

更新日期: 2015年09月11日

签名: 0f2e9cab43593ffb57f47f22ec8d021a190ad681 LivingTree 3.0(21) apk 安全认证

APK文件 SHA1: 77e113e999c3abf96404c62758445e857930a3a8

更新内容: Version 3.0 adds support for translation for direct messages.

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