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alhamdulillah grace the presence of God Almighty, we finally team google for android app developer has completed the translation of the Book of our writing Blughul Maram of Sheikh Al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani (773 H - 852 H). Sholawat and greetings of Allah hopefully still terlimpahkan to Junjungan We Prophet Muhammad, to his family and his companions.

Book Bulugh al-Maram translation is one of the most popular classical books in the Islamic world, especially Among Ahl wal Jamaah.

This book does Contain a collection of hadiths about the law (jurisprudence), the which covers all aspects of the life of every Muslim. From about the 'purification' until about the 'marriage', 'business transactions' and 'jihad'.

Book very complete theme of language was certainly very easy Muslims practice the legal rules such as Reviews those run by the Prophet. and his companions.?
1. The book Thaharah
Chapter Air-water
Chapter Vessel-vessel
Chapter unclean and to Eliminate
Chapter wudlu
Wiping Chapter Two Khuf
Chapter Yang Canceling wudlu
Chapter How to Remove Water
Chapter Bath and legal state of impurity
Chapter Tayammum
Chapter Haidl

2. The Book of Prayers
Chapter Times (Salat)
Chapter Adzan
Terms Chapter One
For People Who sutrah Chapter One
Prompts Chapter Khusyu In One
Chapter Mosques
Chapter Shifat Prayers
Chapter prostration for forgetfulness and others
Chapter One Thathawwu
Chapter prayer congregation and the priest
Chapter One Musafir and Yang Hospital
Chapter Friday prayer
Chapter One Khauf
Chapter One Two Hari Raya
Chapter One Eclipse
Chapter One Istisqa
Chapter Clothes

3. The Book Jenazah

4. The Book of Zakat
The Book of Zakat
Chapter Zakat Fitrah
Chapter Sadaqah Thathawwu
Chapter Division Sadaqah

5. Book Shiyam
Chapter Shaum Sunnah and Shaum Prohibited
Chapter I'tikaf and Worship Ramadan

6. The Book of Hajj
Chapter Primacy and Its Obliged Haji Haji
Chapter About Miqat
Chapter Mandatory Ihram and nature
Chapter Ihram and Related With it
Chapter Haji nature and Sign Makkah
Late chapters and obstruction of Hajj

7. Book Sale and Purchase
Chapter Terms and Di Disallow traded
Chapter khiyar
Chapter Riba
Chapter Rukhshah Sell Fruits
Bab Salam, Qiradh, and Pawn
Chapter Taflis (Bankrupt) and Hajr (seize)
Chapter Peace
Chapter Moving Debt and Bear
Chapter Shirkah and Wakalah
Chapter Iqrar (confession)
Chapter Ariyah
Chapter Ghashab
Chapter Syuf'ah
Chapter Qiradh
Chapter Musaqah and Ijarah
Chapter Turning over the Land of the Dead
Chapter Waqf
Chapter Grants, Umra and Ruqba
Chapter Item Findings
Chapter Faraidl
Chapter Wills
Goods Chapter Titipan

8. The Book of Marriage
Hadiths about the Nikah
Chapter kafa'ah and khiyar
Chapter Intercourse With Wife
Chapter dowry
Chapter Walimah
Chapter Division Rota
Chapter Khulu
Chapter Thalaq
refer chapter
Chapter Ila ', zihar and expiation
Chapter Oath Jinhuang
Chapter idda and Ihdad
Chapter breastfeeding
Chapter Nafaqah / Maintenance

9. The Book of Criminal Affairs
Hadiths about the Criminal
Chapter Fines
Demanding chapters and Blood Oath
Chapter Fighting The Rebels
Chapter Fighting The Villain and Killing Apostates

10. Punishment Book
Punishment Chapter Zina Actors
Punishment Chapter accusing
Law Chapter Theft
Chapter penalty for drink and explanation of Intoxicating Drinks
Chapter Ta'zir and Criminal Law

11. The Book of Jihad
Hadiths about the Jihad
Chapter Tributes and Truce
Chapter Racing and Archery

12. The Book of Food
Chapter Hurry and slaughter animals
Chapter Sacrifice
Chapter Aqiqah

13. The Book of Oaths and Nazar

14. Decides Book Case
Chapter testament
Chapter Defendants and Evidence

15. The Book of freeing Slaves
Chapter Mudabbar Mukatab and Umm Walad

Finally, hopefully this application can be useful for all of us. ameen.


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