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Football Master 2 আইকন

7.4 3 পর্যালোচনা

3.6.107 by Studio Vega Private Limited

Nov 4, 2022

Football Master 2 সম্পর্কে


ফুটবল মাস্টার 2 একটি খাঁটি এবং যুগান্তকারী ফুটবল ম্যানেজমেন্ট গেম।

Want to become a world-famous football manager? Join us and build the team of your dreams!

Football Master 2 is an authentic and groundbreaking Football Management Game. Build your own team from scratch, train your players to become superstars, and play against other Managers in different leagues and tournaments across the globe. This amazing game is literally in your hands! Lead your talented squad to win the championship!

High strategy and playability

In the game, you can carefully control your teams attacking and defending tactics, both in terms of routes and ways, and can adapt their tactics to the opponent's strategy. At the same time, you can use the team's style, Tiki-taka, Counter-Attacking, and High-Pressing. Whether you prefer to attack or defend, you'll have the chance to make your tactics happen! Go ahead and use the right Style for the situation on the field!

Officially Licensed Game

Our game has License with FIFPro and World Class Clubs! So you can select from 1400+ world-class players to create your ideal squad! And if you are a big fan of a big club, don't hesitate to put together a lineup made up mainly of players from that club and you will get an extra Top Club Bonus!

Unique Development System

Go through our modes to build a high-level sports city to turn your players into world-class superstars! (Player Training, Mastery, Workout, Awaken, Reforge and Skill)

Plentiful game mode

In League mode, you can either join one of Europe's leading football leagues and play against the big guns or take part in Classic, where you can lead your teams to look back at the most classic matches in the football world as coaches. Choose a classic match you like and bring the classic game back to life! At the same time, you also have a chance to play with real players together. If you've assembled the perfect lineup, try playing against other real players!

Trade out your superstar strategically

In our game, you can get the players you want through the transfer market. You can also sell them when you get some better players. Join our in-game transfer market, control the transactions of famous soccer players, build a dream team and become a world-famous football manager!

Stunning 3D Matches

Are you going to miss your team winning the championship in a captivating 360° 3D stadium atmosphere? Live the football dream to the full!

Join millions of football managers worldwide, choose your favorite players to form a lineup, and have a PK with other football managers from all over the world!

Get more info by joining our groups:

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1185251692052794

Discord: https://discord.gg/x89N6nMq5C

সর্বশেষ সংস্করণ 3.6.107 এ নতুন কী

Last updated on Nov 4, 2022

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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Football Master 2 আপডেটের অনুরোধ করুন 3.6.107


James Townsley

Android প্রয়োজন

Android 4.4+

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