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Big dream book vklyuchaetv a various downers. You can find your interpretation using different Dreamers dream books, and in the future to determine what kind of dream interpretation is right for you. Big dream book - an application designed for the interpretation of dreams, and dreams for the future predictions. The first known dream interpretation dates back to ancient Egypt (2000 BC); it contains two hundred and interpretation of dreams and magic rituals to protect from evil spirits. Systematization of dreams Artemidorus engaged in the II century BC. e. in its fully extant dream book "Oneyrokritika" in five books. Artemidorus ordinary share dreams and visionary; predicting the future in the past may be explicit or allegorical, allegory dream book is devoted to it. The first four books "Oneyrokritiki" classified communication of dreams and reality with the use of metaphor and metonymy: "meadows for the benefit of only one shepherds, for the rest they mean unemployment and obstacle for travelers, because these roadless grasslands." According to Artemidorus, the meaning of dreams depends on the individual, "Hestia and her statue meant for officials advice and revenue generation; for ordinary people - their own lives; for the ruler or king - the fullness of their power. " The fifth book "Oneyrokritiki" is an analysis of case studies. By the way, a great dream book includes excerpts from the sources, and the first of the existing dream book.

The Holy Fathers in general, condemned interest in dreams as a remnant of paganism, although Tertullian in his treatise "On the soul" and said that dreams may contain divine revelation. In the Middle Ages, after the release of Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas's works, the atmosphere principled condemnation of attempts dream interpretation as a form of divination disappeared. It was at this time downers penetrate from the Mediterranean to Europe, and the interpretation of dreams becomes available craft. In the interpretation of dreams, new downers were used, in addition to the metonymic and metaphorical associations, a variety of principles: identity, similarity, and contrast.

Medieval physicians used the dream book, which at that time erroneously attributed to Arnold of Villanova. Interest in astrology has created "lunar downers" that linked the likelihood that dream come true, with the phases of the moon. The most popular purchased written no later than the IV century (probably Artemidorus Daldianskogo labor basis) anonymous Greek author of "The Dream Book of Daniel." At the beginning of the XX century there were papers on the interpretation of dreams ( "Interpretation of Dreams" Freud), as well as left and vast traditional dream books (the most famous is the first released in 1901, Dream Miller).

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