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There are many benefits choosing bamboo edging for your next landscaping project. Bamboo is considered an eco-friendly building material for many projects. It offers a very lightweight paired with excellent strength. It would be an attractive addition to any garden.

Bamboo is a fast growing grass that is hardy and resilient. The speed of its growth makes it a renewable source of building or landscape material. Harvested bamboo can completely re-grow in as little as three years. While there are many options for landscape material using different types of wood; only bamboo can make the claim of being a renewable source.

The lightweight of bamboo makes it very easy to work with in the garden. This feature makes it easy to move around in the yard and even easier to install. One section of edging four feet long and twelve inches tall will weigh less than eight pounds.

Bamboo features the tensile strength of steel and the compressive strength of concrete. This makes it an excellent choice for keeping your plants contained in the garden or preventing grass from taking over your sidewalk. Bamboo is also mold resistant, moisture resistant and is not prone to drying out. These features make it an excellent, durable choice for most landscaping projects.

Bamboo edging is constructed by connecting lengths of bamboo side by side using wire. These tubes are then capped to help the interior section stay dry and maintain the strength and durability of the fence. The fencing can be constructed so all the tubes are the same height, typically 12" tall. It is also available in staggered sections with the fencing sections ranging in height from 8" to 12". Edging is available in a natural, light tan finish or a darker, speckled finish. The finish has a glossy appearance that is very attractive in gardens and landscaping.

This edging can be purchased through larger retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's. It can be found at local hardware stores. A keyword search online will yield dozens of retailers offering bamboo edging at very reasonable prices. The lightweight will also help keep shipping costs low if you choose to order your edging and have it shipped.

A living garden is wonderful to have, because it enables you to grow so many fresh ingredients to use in your cooking. There's nothing like home grown tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, water melons, and the list goes on and on. Gardens are a lot of work, but the work is always worth the effort and the "fruits" of your labor will be enjoyed by all those close to you.

There are numerous areas we could discuss, when it comes to gardening, but let's focus on a garden edging project. You can edge your garden with a variety of materials and it can be done on any budget. So whether you have to keep costs down or you have those extra funds - there's a garden edging resource to fit your needs.

The materials for garden edging are almost limitless and some of the more basic materials would be stone, wood, plastic, wire, rubber, and brick. These materials are easy to find and economical to purchase, very budget friendly. If your budget is really tight, would free work for you? Take a walk on a nearby river bank and collect all of the river rock your heart desires and use them to complete your endeavor. Another idea would be to visit a stone countertop manufacturing business and politely ask to go through their scrap boxes. Yes, with a little imagination, you can keep costs down and still have beautiful results.

On the other hand, here are some ideas for those that have a larger budget and really want to do something that stands out. One plan is to actually use a row of plants for your garden edging. Some of the plants available for this application would be trailing petunias or hostas plants, which are a robust perennial or even bamboo. Another high end idea could be the use of aluminum or wrought iron edging, which comes in several colors and patterns.

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