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Landscape photography is really all about getting out in nature and capturing the fascinating moments there. It is about the serenity of waiting for the right time to record beautiful scenery. Here are some useful landscape photography tips to help achieve the best results for your photographs.

1) Enlarge your depth of field. Ensure that you get most out of the scenery into focus as possible, by choosing a small aperture setting like f16 for your camera, thereby providing a greater depth of field. There are certain exceptions, though, when a shallow depth of field such as f5 can achieve great results.

2) Because of a longer shutter speed, you may need to counteract a smaller aperture or camera lens opening by using a tripod when taking your shot. A tripod will stabilize your camera so that it's absolutely still during the exposure time, keeping a crisp focus for your beautiful landscape.

3) Identify a focal point for your photograph. As in all pictures, even landscape shoots need to have focal point or center of attention. Basically it needs a subject in the photo. In country landscape pictures, you can choose from among conspicuous items like a building, a structure, an imposing tree, a boulder or special rock formation, a standout silhouette, or something else that catches your eye.

4) Remember the rule of thirds. Positioning the subject of the photo off center will create visual interest for the viewer.

5) Always have a foreground in a landscape shot. Inclusion of a foreground element is rather important. It creates vital depth to your shot and creates a structured body to your pictorial composition.

6) Consider the sky in your shots. The sky is an integral part of your landscape shots. Landscape shots usually have either a dominant foreground or a dominant sky.

7) Provide lines, or picture elements that create lines that would lead the viewers to your subject. Lines also give depth to an image and create patterns for your photographs for more clarity.

8) Walk around and analyze the scene from different angles before you start taking pictures. Select the best point of view for a well thought out photo.

9) Capture movements in your pictures. Whether it is the wind moving across the trees, or the waves at the beach, or falling water, or flying birds across the sunset, including the movements of nature will definitely enhance your shot, add drama, and create a point of interest in general.

10) Enhance your shots by working with the weather. Normally, photographers choose sunny weather to come up with good landscape photographs. But many dramatic shots are taken from cloudy or overcast skies or when the weather is about to turn ominous.

11) Take your shots during the golden hours. These moments are specifically the periods of dawn and dusk when the light is angled and the different colors and hues in the sky become enhanced. When you work with the light during these times, you can create impact on your scenes that can develop patterns, dimensions, vibrant colors, and textures to your photographs.

12) Be creative in your point of view. Remember to think out of the box when you do your photographic compositions to end up with even more interesting pictures!

13) Last but not least, take lots and lots of pictures! As you take more pictures, you'll become more experienced, and you'll have more pictures from which to select the best of the best.

If there is a Japanese garden nearby in your city or town visit it to get ideas on creating your own sand garden. But in the absence of such a luxury you can only depend on Japanese garden photos for guidance and ideas. These Zen gardens can be large and occupy huge areas or it can be made as small as a tabletop showpiece. The size of your Zen garden depends on how much space, time and energy you can devote to creating and maintaining them.

The sand gardens are dry landscape gardens. There is no water and hardly any plants in this type of garden.

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