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The description of B.O.B.O. - Cute Little Cats

For cat lovers, they benefit from living together with cats. It is said that there is a scientifically justified evidence as well as being healed by mental health by having a cat. There were 25 reasons why cats know how much they benefit us. The person who wrote this article is probably a cat lover. Let's look at the efficacy of various cats from raw material to research results such as:
1. Cats are amazing therapy animals
2. Cat owner is smarter than dog owner
3. Egyptian who was defeated by a cat
4. Cats reduce the risk of heart attack
5. Same happiness as when a cat is with a girlfriend
6. Cats can become children's best friends and can help their development.
7. Cats can help depressed patients
8. Cats will help autistic children

Animals have the power to positively change a person's mood, at least my mood. When I'm tired, tired, stressed, I play with my little cats and I reload. Only seeing them chasing lizards makes me cheer. I like all animals but cats in particular because they are independent, not very demanding, do not affect the life of those who breed them and are clean, they wash all day.
Cats make me happy! So, that’s why this app gather lots of the cutest cats and kitties for you.

===== Features =====
Set image as wallpaper
Save/view photos
Cute cat photos in HD quality + opportunity to set own custom photo
Real smooth 3D animations
Can work Online and Offline

All breeds of cats
1) Abyssinian cat
2) American Curl Cat
3) American Shorthair cat
4) American Wirehair cat
5) Turkish Angora Cat
6) Balinese cat
7) Bengal Cat
8) Burmese Cat
9) Russian Blue Cat
10) American Bobtail Cat
11) Japanese Bobtail Cat
12) Bombay cat
13) British Shorthair cat
14) Burmese Cat
15) Certosino Cat (Chartreux)
16) Cat Chausie
17) Colorpoint Shorthair cat
18) Cornish Rex cat
19) Cymric cat
20) evon Rex cat
21) Egyptian Mau cat
22) Exotic cat
23) Cat of the Java Island
24) Havana Brown cat
25) Highlander cat
26) Himalayan cat
27) Cat Khao manee
28) Korat cat
29) Kurilian Bobtail cat
30) Cat LaPerm
31) Maine Coon cat
32) Cat Manx
33) Munchkin cat
34) Nebelung cat
35) Norwegian Forest Cat
36) Ocicat cat
37) Oriental Cat
38) Persian cat
39) Peterbald cat
40) Pixiebob cat
41) RagaMuffin cat
42) Ragdoll cat
43) Savannah cat
44) Cat Scottish Fold
45) Selkirk Rex cat
46) Siamese cat
47) Siberian cat
48) Singapura cat
49) Snowshoe cat
50) Sokoke cat
51) Somali Cat
52) Soriano cat
53) Sphynx cat
54) Thai Cat
55) Tonkinese Cat
56) Toyger cat
57) Turkish Cat Van

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