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عن Word Wall


Looking for new brain teasers–meet free crossword puzzles & beat your friends!

🔥 DOWNLOAD Word Wall: Word Scramble Game for FREE! Easy and addictive mobile word game where you make words from letters like in other popular word games you love, but here you’ve got fun word brain games sessions with lot of new options and details you never cross in other wordplay titles.

💠 Every match in Word Wall like in the other word board games, you can test your friends and family members brain training skills. Do it in several games simultaneously. Just play on words to take a part in different TOP challenges and leaderboards, the app will measure all valuable game play indicators of every single players automatically and form TOP player tables in real time mode. Get Daily achievements, and win Weekly trophies as you play and train your brain while wording.

💠 Vocabulary of English word games includes more than 300.000 words! The main thing about the game – it is easy add new letters to the game board, quickly find and submit new words, but you have to choose which 7 of them to submit to get more score points at the end of your turn. Each turn (move) is a timed word search process, and time for making moves depends on game mode you play. Now, as you know it, the game looks like more challenging word search activity. Isn’t it? ;-)

SETUP YOUR GAMES: 2 game mode - 11x11 (normal pace) and 7x7 (blitz) tiles board with different time limits. Decide what pace of the game to set. Choose opponents by yourself - only few words from letters games give you ability to find opponents in different way. Set random opponent search, or refer to game stats method, choose among friends, or just find player by name for your next word scramble.

ADD ANY LETTERS (up to 3), to the game board to form and submit up to 7 new words. Catch up to 3 Stars that are moving on tiles to get special bonuses. If you manage to get to the end of the scramble, the game board will be looking like wordplay crossword with letter in every tile – Word Wall will be finished.

RECEIVE BONUSES for every effective wording action you do during your moves:
✔️ Put less (3 is max) new letters you on board - get greater bonus!
✔️ Make words with these letters and submit up to 7 words - get more points as another bonus!
✔️ Submit at least 1 long word to get additional bonus for your score!
Name free online word games that combine all of it to value all players’ activities. Can you?

USE BONUS TILES to get even more points for your moves.

😈 USE CHIPS “Rock”, “Scissors”, “Paper” to block access of your opponent to some tiles for one move, or use chips to unblock the access for yourself.

💡 HINT: note that you can submit words using words in a word tactic and submit several words. For example, if you build words chain TOWNERS adding letters E-R-S and ready to submit TOWNERS, don’t forget to submit also TOWNER, OWNERS, OWNER. Some moves turn to be a real brain teasers when it comes to doing high effective moves that rewarded with hundreds points of score.

• Set new game and find opponents for your taste
• Play several mind puzzles simultaneously to sharp your brain
• Go on TOP in regular Challenges
• Create and test your tactical style using bunch of different bonuses
• its ok to make word link in form of broken line
• Make it hard to play for your opponent by blocking game board tiles
• Check own and other player profiles and compare stats anytime
• Meet new friends and people and chat to plan next fun word from letters games
• Form and edit Friends lists and Black lists
• Enjoy brain games for adults, kids, friends and family
• Submitting word cross game board tiles at any direction, following letter connectors

🎁 Game Shop offers in-app purchases for additional content and in-game currency.

If you like daily crossword puzzles with mixed up words, different variations of word jumble, free word search puzzles online, DOWNLOAD Word Wall: Word Scramble Game to add more fun moments to your word gaming times!

تحديث لأحدث إصدار 1.43

Last updated on 10/12/2018

Version 1.43

- move time limit increased up to 24 hours
- standard game slots number icreased up to 10
- graphics improvements
- minor fixes

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Anil Parmar

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Android 5.0+

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