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Racing Rivals أيقونة

2024.2.1 by Playsport Games


عن Racing Rivals

Join a team and race in online global tournaments to defeat your rivals!

Welcome to the ultimate Stock Car car racing mobile game experience in Stock Car Racing Rivals: Stock Car racing Game!

Dive into an adrenaline-fueled mobile racing game where speed, strategy, and teamwork define the path to victory on the oval tracks and high-banked turns of Stock Car circuits.

Team-Based Stock Car Mobile Game Racing: Become part of a dynamic team of 25 players in pursuit of racing glory on iconic Stock Car tracks like Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway.

Daily Stock Car Racing Excitement: Gear up for intense online races with daily practice sessions, mastering the use of racing game mechanics like energy and speed to gain the edge over your competitors.

Live Stock Car Racing Thrills: Experience the pinnacle of Stock Car Racing Rivals in our daily live races. Engage in thrilling real-time competitions, racing against time and your opponents in races reminiscent of the Daytona 500 or the Coca-Cola 600, where every decision is crucial!

Collaborative Mobile Gameplay: Share boosts like speed and energy with your Stock Car team. Your combined efforts determine the success of the race.

Competitive Seasonal Tournaments: Showcase your Stock Car racing prowess in a variety of competitions including the Super Cup, Champions Cup, and the legendary World Cup. Joining a team is just the beginning of your journey to the top of the Stock Car Racing Rivals leaderboard.

Global Stock Car Leaderboards: Compete against Stock Car teams from around the world as you climb the Stock Car Racing Rivals rankings and establish your team's dominance in the Stock Car community.

Rewards and Stock Car Season Pass: Earn daily free rewards, and tackle the season pass for in-game exclusive benefits and enhanced gameplay.

Interactive Stock Car Rivals Mini-Game: Engage in a captivating mini-game for additional rewards, adding a fun twist to your racing endeavors.

Social Connectivity: Utilize in-game chat for team strategies, connect with fellow Stock Car fans on social media, and foster a vibrant Stock Car racing community reminiscent of the camaraderie found in Stock Car tailgate parties and fan zones.

Customization and Team Management: Personalize your profile, manage your Stock Car team's roster, and celebrate your Stock Car racing achievements in true Victory lane style.

In-Game Store and Purchases: Visit the store for daily tokens and energy. Real-money purchases offer a convenient way to accelerate your Stock Car progress.

Stay Updated: Stay informed about the latest Stock Car Racing Rivals updates and game developments through the in-game news tab!

Gear up for Stock Car Racing Rivals: Car Game and stake your claim on the starting line for an electrifying team racing adventure that puts you in the driver's seat of Stock Car's most thrilling races!

This game includes optional in-game purchases (includes random items).

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تحديث لأحدث إصدار 2024.2.1

Last updated on 21/05/2024

Stock Car Arrival: Dive into the USA-themed mode with Stock Cars! For the first time, team up and race in the true spirit of stock car events. Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with our special Stock Car mode!

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Amora Faisal

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Android 8.0+

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