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Dragon Kai : Goku Supersonic أيقونة

1.2 by math student fight


عن Dragon Kai : Goku Supersonic

أفضل القتال مع لعبة هجوم Z كاي غوكو وتدمير الاعداء.

Fight with your favorit Z Dragon Kai : Goku Supersonic and destroy enemies.


- Nice looking with 2D graphics.

- A lot of challenges and stages.

- Easy and Simple to play.

- Cool skill design and effect.

- Classic sound created excitement for players.

He, Supreme Kai, and Kibito can decide go to Tower first, which is attacked by Dabura. Once defeats , it is revealed he is one of the Fighting Puppets created by Babidi and the real is at the Time Machine.

Let's talk presentation first, as it's easiest to go on and on about how great Goku Attack looks and sounds. As cinematic a series as Dragon is, it's a wonder it took so long for someone to get the feel of the series' trademark fights so right. Each and every battle you fight will contain multiple cutaways to attacks and their animations, dramatic camera shifts that can zoom right in on the blow-for-blow action and environmental destruction that is not only awe-inspiring, but also quite easy to pull off.

Trunks then heads to West City, and manages to fend off Dabura and protect the Time Machine. Before leaving,fires a blast towards Bulma, but saves her just in time. If he does not go to Tower, while on his way to West City, Trunks meets Korin, who fled Koring Tower, and he gives some Senzu Beans as well. He then fights with as well, butleaves after his defeat without attempting to attack Bulma.

Your enjoyment of this game will hinge on how much Japanese text, text that you nor I have any hope of understanding, you can handle. All the menus, in-game text, speech, all of it, is completely unintelligible Japanese, and getting through to the action takes some trial and error.

Those statements are both 100 percent true, but this is an import only title. Thus far, I've basically told you that Dragon Kai : Goku Supersonic ball is among the best fighters on the DS and that any Dragon fan's collection is incomplete without it.

تحديث لأحدث إصدار 1.2

Last updated on 06/11/2017

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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